Monday, April 20, 2009

houses in motion

I have a mild obsession with miniatures - so much so that it's even the source of a nickname I've had since childhood, when I was a more avid collector of the tiny: dollhouse accessories, miniature tea sets, just about anything that played with the smaller side of proportion. It's no wonder that I stopped dead in my tracks upon seeing images of the latest work from Ana Serrano featured at Scion's Papershapers event in Culver City, California.

Serrano's latest is a combination of sculpture and collage, featuring brightly colored cardboard-crafted houses stacked on top of one another like homes built into cliffs for an at-all-costs view of the coastline. The 25-year-old first generation Mexican American born in Los Angeles explores "those in low socio-economic positions, with particular interest in their customs and beliefs, as well as the architecture, fashion, and informal economies, present within this segment of society" through her work. A graduate (with honors) from Art Center College of Design, Serrano draws much of her inspiration from Wes Anderson, Michael Gondry and other stop animation films, which she watches while working.

If you have the opportunity, catch one of Ana Serrano's shows. The Papershapers event will continue through May 11th, while Serrano's work will also be featured at Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives in America, opening May 14th at Vermillion Gallery in Seattle.

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