Tuesday, April 14, 2009

distorts illustrated

For Lorenzo Petrantoni, the old is new again. Creating illustrated mashups in the style of 1800's book illustrations and wood block engravings arranged into modern compositions, the Milan-based illustrator has established a unique visual voice that's at once both innovative and retro. As Evil Monito Magazine describes it, "the effect is elaborate without being overwrought, reappropriative without being hackneyed."

The graphic designer has recently caught the attention of major publications, including The New York Times, featuring Petrantoni's work in various editorials, as well as Time and Flaunt, which have made this Italian artist a cover boy. News print feels a natural fit for Petrantoni; he seems to treat typography as object, and likewise, icons and objects as typography, creating a fresh, pattern-like approach.

Look out for Petrantoni in the ad world, as well. Through assignments from JWT China and Grey Advertising, Petrantoni's work has also been used on behalf of major brands like Nike and Urban Outfitters. To see more from Lorenzo Petrantoni, visit his website and his portfolio at Synergy Art.

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