Thursday, April 16, 2009

bang, bang, snap, snap

This is what you get when you combine an air rifle, a Nikon D40 camera, a $300 homemade one-millionth of a second flash unit...and point it at your collection of small random things: play-dough, Christmas ornaments, fruit, razor blades, microscope slides, paint balls and M&M's. The California-based photographer Alan Sailer truly captures the moment. Take a glimpse into the micro world that begins and ends in a blink, leaving the naked eye with nothing more than a colorful splatter.


Jonathan said...

Hey Sarah. It's Jonathan Eva. I didn't know you were into illustrators. Fun blog. I was actually in the same term with the Rob Clayton at Art Center. He was of course in a different department. I also love Lorenzo Petrantoni.

Cheers. -j

Sarah Cheffy said...

Hey Jon! Thanks for checkin out the blog! That's very cool about Rob Clayton - seriously brilliant work from those brothers. Love it.

Unknown said...

Really love this photography! Having fun looking at your blog!