Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bob dylan's 115th dream

Although this spread from Vanity Fair is a year old now (May 2008 issue), and may be old news to you, it just came across my inbox today. Quite a lovely photo treatment from artists Andrew Nimmo and Beth Bartholomew, who brought the mind and consciousness of Bob Dylan to life by plotting the artist's words onto the photo by theme.

It's a beautiful concept, to take the intangibles - imagination, belief, emotion, soul - and create visual artifacts that piece together the fragments and multidimensional elements of identity so as to make accessible a greater understanding of self. The typography treatment is delicate and whispy, with Dylan's musings seemingly floating off into the ether as he perhaps walks down (Positively) 4th Street; his stature is appropriately thoughtful and introspective.

To delve deeper into the psyche and themes of Bob Dylan, check out his XM Radio show: Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour.

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