Wednesday, March 25, 2009

whopper wearables

The King has gone arty... the Burger King, that is. On March 7th, The Home of the Whopper opened its first Studio Boutique located at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Florida, where visitors can design and screen print their own edgy BK shirts. The Studio also boasts an art gallery featuring the bergerrific work of Manhattan-based artist Joshua Davis and Chicago-based artists Lana Crooks, Eugene Good and Joey Potts, among others.

It's an interesting move for Burger King to position themselves as a lifestyle brand. Following the attempts of McDonald's to transform the customer experience from a greasy pit stop into a nano-nosher digital hangout, Burger King is another chain walking down the one-off boutique path in hopes of peripherally changing the hearts, minds and brand associations of the hipsters of the world.

...In this case, it certainly can't hurt. The recession-affected and those strapped for cash could use a reason for it to be cool to hang out at Burger King. Everyone wins. But until the ratio of this new brand experience changes from the current 1 : 11,550 outlets, it's still a one-off touchpoint and perception of the brand.

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