Tuesday, March 17, 2009

models need not apply

There's an interesting, emerging trend right now in fashion editorials: fashion illustration. It seems more and more publications these days are looking towards illustrators and painters for their next layout, reaching beyond the traditional fashion photography approach standardized within the industry. It isn't surprising to see the bubbling of this trend - after all, art and design are driving desire and sales and our savvy consumers are demanding both form and function. I recently posted about my favorite fashion illustrator, but have come across another that has peaked my interest: Jonas Löfgren.

The 30-year-old Swedish artist's most recent work can be found in Lula Magazine #8 A Perfect Mess, which features stylized illustrations of celebrity fashion icons in last season's collections, including Chlöe Sevigny in Louis Vuitton, Edie Beale in Chanel, Diane Vreeland in Marc Jacobs and Mary-Kate Olsen in Lanvin. His illustrations are reminiscent of Tokyo-based artist Yoshitomo Nara. They have a clever, whimsical restraint that teeters somewhere between caricature and photorealism.

Speaking of Edie Beale, I couldn't be more excited about this little nugget of joy.

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