Tuesday, March 10, 2009

punch you in the eye

Jim Pollock Phish Hampton 2009 poster

For those of us who were lucky enough to make it down to the Phish Phamily Reunion at Hampton Coliseum, it was a weekend of both ear AND eye candy...and not just because of Chris Kuroda's unreal light show (see below). To mark the reunion after the band's five year hiatus, Chicago-based Phish poster artist Jim Pollock designed and hand pressed a poster specifically for the Hampton shows, using a 19th-century iron hand press. Only 750 of Pollock's 2009 Hampton posters were created, including those set aside for the band and management. Pollock himself was on hand to sign his posters for those dedicated souls who waited in line to get their hands on one of these rare gems at the Phamily Reunion: Best Poster Convention III, which took place at Hampton's Best Western Coliseum Inn & Suites on Saturday, March 7th. The linocut, three-colored, deckled edge, stonehenge stock, hand-numbered (whew!) posters were created with oil-based inks which went on rather thick - often marked by the artists thumbprints. These posters are the first hand pulled Pollock Phish prints since Shoreline in 2000.

The band's official commissioned posters from Daniel Lahoda of House Industries also did not disappoint. The large six-color serigraph, three-poster series was hand-embossed and hand-numbered, with similar artwork to the event tickets.

Official Hampton 2009 House Industries posters commissioned by the band

...and speaking of David Bowie, you can experience the Sound and Vision at livephish.com, where all three shows are available for free download in mp3 format, or for a minimal Fee (ha!) you can download them in all their glory in FLAC format.

My photos didn't quite turn out like these...all photos below courtesy of Phish.com/fromtheroad2009


Dave said...

I got both of the Pollocks mentioned above, and they're beautiful! YAY FOR PHISH!

b said...
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