Thursday, March 26, 2009

castles made of sand

It only seems appropriate, considering the current state of affairs in the housing market, to share the work of Amy Casey, which features imagery of houses in a tangle. They're chaotic, but without a trace of frenetic energy. There's an eerie calm - a surrealist objectification void of the human impact. The urban dreamscapes feature somewhat generic-looking houses dangling in knotted disarray, which tend to pose as representations of the anxiety and nervousness caused by today's state of affairs, destruction in the wake of natural disaster, our fragile vulnerability and the "illusions of safety."

Yet, the Cleveland-based artist also seeks to represent the silver lining of destruction. As stated by Casey: "My created world bands together to come up with coping plans...I am fascinated by the resilience of life. Every disaster is followed by a rebirth where we try to cobble together a plan b out of what remains." The 'plan b' depicted in Casey's work is evident - her paintings have a cobbled-together, jungle gym, feel that accepts the new reality - you can almost see the kids climbing the rubble-house fort-world or a carefree frisbee gliding from one stilted, dangling house to another.

Casey primarily works with acrylic on paper and is represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

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