Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lucky dog

It’s good to be a dog…especially if you happen to be the First Dog, or “Summa Canum”, also the name of this soon-to-be Obama family pooch’s new eco-luxury digs.

The Summa Canum doghouse by Sustainable Pet Design features a green roof with plants from Maryland nursery, Emory Knoll Farms. The doghouse will arrive unplanted, however, to give the First Family the chance to personalize their green roof garden. The roof itself is constructed out of historic naturally felled Tennessee Aromatic Cedar trees from President Andrew Jackson’s estate, The Hermitage. Summa Canum will also feature zero-VOC paint and varnish from Architectural Coatings and Design Center, solar panels, radiant floor heating, and a graywater recycling system.

…and what better way for the Summa Canum to arrive on White House lawn than from grunge-godfather-meets-environmental-activist Neil Young, himself. Young will be delivering the Presidential Pooch Palace in his all-electric 1959 Lincoln, LincVolt, which contains a turbine generator, regenerative breaking and electric motor to the White House over the coming weeks. For now, the dog pad is ready and waiting in Neil Young’s garage as the final touches to LincVolt are applied. Click here to watch the web cam from Neil’s garage.

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