Wednesday, February 25, 2009

love of country

Elegant simplicity. This design is by far a new favorite for 2009. Created by Granite Pass partner Greg Beauchamp, this graphic has now been translated into a poster for President Obama.

You may be familiar with other strokes of genius from Beauchamp; he's the executive producer of the industry documentary Art & Copy, and was also responsible for the McCain Poop Flag guerrilla campaign during the 2008 election where Beauchamp placed small flags with phrases like “McCain: Economic Policy” or “McCain: Healthcare Reform” in piles of dog poop throughout Venice, California.

Read more about Beauchamp's States United campaign here.


Emily said...

I really wanted to see Art & Copy at Sundance this year, but we didn't get tickets. It's saved in my Netflix queue though... can't wait to see it. Love that design especially with my renewed sense of patriotism.

Sarah Cheffy said...

It is indeed the new brand of patriotism.